JPFA 2023 REUNION August 5th

2023 Reunion Hosted by the  

John Pack Family Association 5th August  

Guide to digital links 

Pack Family Historical Sites Self-guided Tour 

Salt Lake City/West Bountiful and Bountiful 


AUGUST 5TH, 2023 FROM 9-11 AM.  


Look for the Pack family yard signs.   

Download and print passport booklet to get marked at each location 


Reunion follows tour at This Is the Place Park 

Discounted Park Admission of $5, includes activities. 10 am-5 pm. 

11 am Gathering at the John Pack Home 

This Is the Place Heritage Park 

12 noon Lunch in the house 

 (bring your own, buy in the park or order box lunch from us) 

1 pm John Pack Family Association Meeting & Story Telling 

House closes at 3 pm. Park closes at 5 pm.  

                                            Links for 2023 Reunion 

Link to Lunch Orders 

Link to Self-Guided Tour Passport Foldup Booklet 

Link to JPFA Survey, Self-Guided Tour Info and Pre-Registration RSVP 

Links to purchase John Pack books:  

John Pack As Revealed in the Records and The Redoubtable John Pack 

Link to Donations and/or Annual $10 JPFA Dues 

2023 Reunion Lunches

12-1 pm in the John Pack Home 

You may bring your own lunch, buy lunch in the park, or pre-order a box lunch from Apple Spice Box Lunch Delivery as listed. Lunches must be ordered and paid for by Wednesday August 2nd or they will be canceled.  

Payment by PayPal or Venmo or check mailed to Brenda Rees (treasurer).  

$12.00 box lunch includes fresh sandwich, dill pickle, cookie, mint, fruit, chips and bottled water.  

 Sandwich choices*: 

Trio Classic on 13 grain bread— ham, turkey, roast beef, with lettuce, tomato, swiss cheese 

Roast Beef and Provolone on 13 grain bread— roast beef, lettuce, tomato, and provolone cheese. 

Vegetarian on Honey Wheat— mushrooms, cucumbers, tomatoes, sprouts, peppers, and avocado on lettuce with cheddar cheese and pesto mayonnaise. 

Chicken Ranch on Croissant—Chicken salad with grapes, celery, onions, cashews, ranch dressing. 

Mustard, Mayo, and Apple Spice Junction Signature Sauce comes with each lunch. 

*Substitute gluten free bread + $1.99 extra cost. Let us know of any nutrition needs.  

Link to  Lunch Orders 


OR  Bring Your Own Food from Home 

OR  Park food options 

Huntsman Grill Menu  (across street from Pack home)    

Ice Cream Shop  

Brigham’s Donuts (lower level of the Social Hall) 

OR  Pick up something during the tour, before entering the park and join us in the house. 

                   Pack Family Historical Sites  

                 Self-Guided Tour and Reunion 

                  (Salt Lake City/West Bountiful/Bountiful) 



AUGUST 5TH, 2023 FROM 9-11 AM.   


       Link to  Tour Survey and Reunion Pre-Registration 

       Link to  Tour Passport Foldup Booklet 

A Passport booklet can be download and printed yourself before the tour day.  Signs will be posted at 8 official locations with historical information on the back of yard signs. Read the information, take family selfies at each location, mark your passport booklet with a sticker. Please respect properties visited by not asking to go inside private homes, please walk on sidewalks, park in legal spaces, watch children. Quickly move onto the next site. Speed is not a factor in this hunt. Do it at your own pace. Choose whichever sites work for you. You do not have to visit all the sites. Extra places are bonus points. Prizes will be given out during the reunion. The real prize is exploring your ancestors and meeting parts of the family you may not normally visit with.  

Reunion is held at This is The Place Heritage Park–John Pack Home from 11am-3pm with family meeting and story time starting at 1pm. Registration at the house starts at 10am. Come visit us at the house, pay $5 entrance fees, yearly dues and purchase books. Parking is available behind the Huntsman Hotel (Northwest of the Pack home), at parking by the monument, and by the Brigham Young Summer Home & take the train up. Bring or buy your own lunch. Zoom and Facebook Live Links will be provided to join us at 1pm.  

Link to  2023 John Pack Reunion LIVE | Facebook 

ZOOM —Topic: John Pack Reunion August 5, 2023  

Zoom Link            Meeting ID: 891 2180 2682                Passcode: 525999 

Time: Aug 5, 2023, 1 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada) 


Pack Family homes: Mary Jane Walker; Jessie Belle Stirling and other wives: 400 N in West Bountiful. At least 3 homes were owned by the Pack family. You can still see 3 of them. Best option for parking is to park at the local elementary school, 500 North 800 West and walk the “Pack” Street. 

Jessie’s houses: 676 W 400 N & 688 W 400 N.       Walker X. Pack 722 W 400 N 

A large brick house with a lawn and a fountain

Description automatically generatedFrederick J. Pack Home: 666 N 800 W, Mary Jane Walker and John Pack’s son. Built by Frederick Pack, but only lived in for 1 year. Registered as a Historic home and maintained.  


Bountiful City Memorial Cemetery  

2224 S. 200 West, Bountiful, Davis County, Utah 

(2 locations within the Bountiful Cemetery– Mary Jane Walker and Jessie Stirling family graves 

 Mary Jane Walker Pack marker (middle of cemetery);  

  1. A map of a neighborhood

Description automatically generated   

 Jessie Belle Stirling Pack marker (by the Mausoleum, along the road) 

  1. A map with a blue marker

Description automatically generated  

A house with a chimney

Description automatically generatedSALT LAKE CITY—— 

Original home: First home in the valley, occupied by Julia Ives, Nancy Booth and Ruth Mosher. DUP Rock Marker where home once stood, 199 N West Temple (West of LDS Conference Center) and site of West Temple Apartments. Limited parking on the surrounding streets. Do Not Park inside the Conference Center. 

199 N West Temple – Google Maps Street View 

First Encampment: 1704 S 500 E SLC 

First Encampment Park – Google Maps 

*Parking is limited. Best place is lot diagonally across the street on 1700 S, or one block south on the street.  

Salt Lake City Cemetery:  

Pack Family Marker Grand Avenue (270 N) 

Enter from “N” Street to Grand Avenue. The Pack marker is on the right, about 3 cemetery blocks to the east. All names are on one marker.  

  1. John Pack marker 
  1. Julia Ives Pack 
  1. Nancy Booth Pack 
  1. Other people on the marker 

A monument with statues on top

Description automatically generatedThis Is The Place Memorial Marker: 2601 East Sunnyside Avenue, Salt Lake City. Dedicated July 24, 1947, commemorates the arrival of the Mormon pioneers into the valley of the Great Salt Lake.  

John Pack as part of the explorer party is featured on the side.  

Bonus points—— 

Home of any other John Pack Descendant not already visited (1st generation until the 10th, anyone/) Your starting location or home does not count unless you live in a historic house. 


Original home:  

Bonus: which children were born in the home? What was the Ward # John & family belonged to in Salt Lake City? John donated land to the north of his property. What was built there? Original Pioneers Plaque on back side of Brigham Young Statue, Salt Lake City, Southeast corner of Temple Square (Currently behind the huge SLC Temple construction Fences (west of the Joseph Smith Building) not currently accessible except as drive by)  

First Encampment 

  1. Find John Pack’s name on the monument 
  1. Find 3 other famous names. 

Salt Lake City Cemetery 

1.    Other Pack family in SLC, not on the marker.  

2.    Who is memorialized on the tall obelisk on Grand Ave, one block northwest of the Pack family marker?  

3.    Notable markers 

4.    Any past church president buried in SLC 

This Is The Place Memorial Marker:  

  1. Is John on a horse or standing? 
  1. Name someone near John? 
  1. What year was the monument placed? 
  1. What date did John Pack first enter the valley?  


Pack Family homes:  

Frederick J. Pack Home: What feature of the home quickly identifies it as a Pack home? 

  1. DUP John Pack Camp Marker 311 N 800 W (Why the marker?) 
  1. A home of other children of John Pack that lived in West Bountiful, not already visited.  

Bountiful Memorial Cemetery 

  1. Walker family at the family plot (not Mary Jane Walker)  
  1. Stirling family at the family plot (not Jessie Belle Stirling) 
  1. Any other Pack family not in the Walker or Stirling family plots

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