History of Frederick James Pack

An Autobiography from Feb. 2, 1875 to Aug. 26, 1933

My father (John Pack) had five families, and therefore, he came to our home only occasionally. It should be said, to his enduring credit that although some of his wives were young women, he made his home with his first wife, Aunt Julia, in Salt Lake City. Father must have been a wonderful man for his wives loved him dearly, also each other. I do not remember ever hearing my mother (Mary Jane Walker) speak unkindly of any of the other wives. The wives were all wonderful women. They were Julia Ives, Ruth Mosher, Mary Jane Walker, Jessie Stirling, and Lucy Giles.

I (Frederick J. Pack) distinctly recall some of the visits of my father. He was a lover of good horses and drove a beautiful Hamiltonian stallion hitched to a one-seated buggy. Although he was stalwart, yet he carried a cane, and I remember of his feigning to trip me with it as I walked on a pair of stilts. Often, upon his return to Salt Lake City, I rode with him half a mile or so and then walked back home. The ride was ample reward.

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