Lucy Jane Giles Pack Biography

Lucy Jane Giles was born June 13, 1848, at Wield, England. Her father was William Giles and her mother Ann Finden Giles. The family were all baptized at Wield, England, on Sept. 6, 1864, by Elder 0.P. Kimball.

In 1866, Lucy and her brother, Albert, had a desire to emigrate to Utah with a party of Saints. Their parents gathered together all the means they could spare and let these two children come. For a time they regretted this, but soon they, too, felt a desire to travel to the valley of the Saints, and so after scheming and saving for two years, the parents and their other children followed Lucy and Albert and the family was reunited in Utah.

On May 2, 1868, Lucy married John Pack in Salt Lake City. To them were born three children: Lay Pack Whiting, Parley Pack, and Inez Ann Hoyt. Her husband died in 1885 and she was left a widow for thirty-eight years. She died April 25, 1918, having been a faithful mother and Latter-day Saint.

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