John Pack, As Revealed in the Records (book)

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Why This Book?

This book was prompted by the discovery of records since publication of Davis Bitton’s The Redoubtable John Pack: Pioneer, Proselyter, Patriarch. Most notable are heretofore untranscribed letters and papers made available by David K. Pack, family records and artifacts held by Annette Frederickson, and records uncovered over many years by Reed Wahlquist, all of which have been generously shared with The John Pack Family Association. A Family Association committee further researched and compiled a time-line as comprehensive as possible of records that directly speak of the life of John Pack and his family during his lifetime (1809-1885). This book contains this time-line and
accompanying records. The book therefore supplements Bitton’s work. It does not replace the very readable and historically broad presentation of John’s life by this professional assistant Church historian.

The Format

The numerous quotations, which are the core of this book, are chronologically presented, all referenced, and occasionally annotated with background or explanation. . .

Every quotation is under a date heading that states in sentence form the event or topic. These headings alone present the outline story of John’s life. All kinds of subjects are addressed in the time-line, from legal documents to personal stories. Sometimes the records or data under these headings may be of little interest to you; you can skip the specific quotations without missing the story string of events.

Each entry (unless a narrative comment) is preceded by the name of the speaker quoted or the title of the document from which the quotation is taken.

The book brings together in one document information from the several family manuscripts and typescripts relating to John Pack—for example, “Thanksgiving Talk,” Bit of Pack History, etc.—and interweaves them into a more full and coherent life story.

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