Aug 062017

Hello all John Pack Family Association members! I thought it was a good idea to let everyone know that we will not be having a John Pack Reunion in 2017. We have debated for many years how to make this reunion relevant for our current family members and friends, and it seems that every 2 years or so may be a better way to get more people out and to have a more exciting agenda. Please submit ideas about what you might like to see in August of 2018 for a John Pack Family Reunion! Also help us find more of our family members that would like to help us with the details!


Gary Pack
John Pack Family Association President

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Apr 242016



John Pack’s “mission letter” for his France mission. I don’t think they got formal mission calls, I think the purpose of this letter was to prove their credentials if anyone asked, similar to the small version of our mission call we kept in our “white handbook” when I served my mission. For the best copy of this document, which is signed by Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, and Willard Richards, click this link (below):


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Jun 052014

John Pack Family History

The John Pack Family Association officers would like to revitalize the family’s genealogical research organization.  With prime movers Kathleen Skinner and Russell Pack on full-time missions and our Family Historian Mark Gardner unable to regularly meet with the genealogical committee, we’ve come to a virtual standstill in this area.  We are not even sure now who has been serving on the genealogical committee.

So, let’s get organized and plan a path forward!

Those of you who have served on the general genealogical committee and would like to continue, please identify yourselves and give us your suggestions.  Those of you who would like to join the general committee please identify yourselves.  E-mail a note to our president Andi  Zorn: [email protected] .

Our professional genealogist, Mark Gardner, will continue as JPFA Genealogist, and he has time and is committed to reviewing the decisions and activities of the committee and will advise it.  However, a working committee lead and an associate lead are yet to be chosen.  Suggestions? 

David R. Pack, our past president who withdrew as president to spend more time on family history work, is willing to lead the project but would prefer someone with more genealogical expertise to do so.

We have in mind first to define a plan for building an information base: what we know, the status of our records, and the technology and procedure for collaboration.  Then, we can move into specific research ideas, methods, and assignments.

We propose preparing for committee meetings by first sharing questions, ideas, opinions, and proposals through e-mails and then making decisions and assignments through discussion in meetings.  We expect the meetings to be monthly if possible, and facilitated by using Skype, but we are open to suggestions.  Help us be realistic and practical.

John Pack Books Are Still Available

Those of you who cannot contribute time to the research can assist greatly by purchasing the two wonderful books on the life of John Pack.  Our children can come to appreciate their wonderful Pack heritage through these books.  They can be ordered online at using PayPal.  On the homepage at the top, click on the button “Get Involved” and you will see the book options.  The Redoubtable John Pack is $13, including mailing ; John Pack: As Revealed in the Records is $19, including mailing.  If you want a box of ten and can pick them up in Lehi, Centerville, Grantsville, or Rexburg, Idaho, you can save $3 on each Redoubtable and $4 on each As Revealed.

We look forward to working together for family awareness and history.

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Aug 092013
John Pack

John Pack

Do you know this man?
He’s your great-grandpa (well, xth great-grandpa)!
Come, join us for the John Pack Family Reunion!
Get involved in our new genealogy effort!
Learn about your Pioneer past!
Meet some new long lost cousins!
Pioneer games for children!
Saturday, August 9th, 2014, sign-in 9 a.m. John Pack Home,
*Free entrance (mention this reunion — full activities are half price
$5 — wristbands available at our reunion).
* Free parking at Kimball home opposite.
* Bring your own lunch: we’ll bring ice cream!
* Please spread the word to  your other family members!
Questions? Call Andi Zorn (JPFA Pres.) 435-840-5687
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Jun 092011

Third time a charm for Miller – Beckley Register-Herald: “

Third time a charm for Miller
Beckley Register-Herald
locally were Shady Spring’s Kaminski (76), recent Oak Hill graduate Nathaniel Begley (76), Bluefield State golfer and Mullens native Derek Brooks (78), The First Tee of West Virginia Executive Director Mike Mays (78) and Beckley’s John Pack (79).

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Dec 132010

Names of home-rule transition committee applicants released – Citizens Voice: “

Names of home-rule transition committee applicants released
Citizens Voice
John Pack, Rich Kramer, James Bobeck, Victor Kopko, William Gagliardi, Raymond P. Gustave, Michael M. Stair, Rob Bakewell and Phyllis Brandwene.

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