John Pack Family Photos DVD

This text below is from a note that is included with the DVD and it should explain more about the DVD contents:

To buy it you can either buy one at the reunion in person if you are going to that, buy one on the internet using paypal (from this page click the “Buy Now” button or DVD image on the bottom left):

or you can send a $10 check to:

John Pack Family Association
c/o Leland Horton
1870 Laurelhurst Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84108

The DVD shows John Pack’s image on the This Is The Place monument and shows photos of the two plaques on the monument that list his name, it has the same photos as shown here:…ls.php?album=19

It has many photos including:

The John Pack home location in Salt Lake City and the plaque there, reproduction of the John Pack home in the This Is The Place Park, First Encampment Park where John Pack came into the Salt Lake valley and his a name is on a plaque, photos of his gravestone in the Salt Lake Cemetery, location of his lumberyard in Kamas, photos of his wives, their children, their gravestones, their homes. In general it has all the photos here:

And probably at least 100 more, and the photos are in a format (the highest resolution possible) where you can take them to a photo processing store (Walmart, Sam’s Club, etc) and get reprints made of any or all of them. Each of the photos has a description on the top left of the screen (this is cut off on some TVs and we are probably going to adjust where it is in the next version) to explain more about the photo.

Here is more description from a note included with the DVD.

John Pack Family Photos DVD

I hope you enjoy this DVD. Many hours of work went into it and hopefully it will motivate us to find, and take even more photos and copy and share them with each other.

It has approximately 400+ photos that fill approximately 570 MB of the DVD. The movie portion of the DVD lasts approximately 30 minutes and most slides are displayed for 5 seconds.

Some of the photos are very small (in dimensions) or not clear. If you have any better copies of ANY of these photos, or especially any very OLD photos that you do not see on this DVD, please send those copies (you can make quality copies at any copy shop: FedEx/Kinkos, etc) of photos (along with as much of a description of the photo as you have) using our Contact form

or post them to our photo gallery on our website (the photos will have to be scanned or a .jpg file from a camera in order to do this) :

To make prints of the photos on this DVD pause your dvd player on the photo you would like, and copy the caption that is displayed in the top left of the screen (this caption will be the name of the photo on the DVD but the name may be shortened). Take the DVD to any photo processing lab and tell them exactly where the photo is on the DVD

JOHNPACKFAMILYPHOTOS1>jpfareal DVD-ROM Contents> (this is the location for all of the photos except the journal scans) (and it’s filename) and they should be able to make prints of it for you (all photos are saved as .jpg)

This is a video and data DVD:

Besides the photos, it also includes the latest Genealogy (in the folder listed above) .gedcom file from Gary Pack that you can open in Family Search or other Genealogy software. Please feel free to do this and see what information you have that is missing and give that information to Gary. You can email him at: [email protected]

It also includes the .jpg scans of all the pages in the John Pack Journal in this location

I would particularly like to thank these individuals for supplying many of the photos on this DVD:

Margie and Wade Grider

The Ure Family

Jo Ann Merrill

Some photos I received were not included in this first edition because I ran out of time (this DVD is about one half full) so I am hoping to include all those photos in an edition next year, along with many more photos from you. Again I look forward to any additional contributions I can receive from you (the older the better).

***Note: I am also hoping to upload all the photos from the DVD to our web site photo gallery when I get some time.

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