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This is the official genealogy database of The John Pack Family Association. It contains the latest family information in the form of pedigrees, individual information sheets, and family group sheets, with related information such as personal histories, legal records, photographs, and the like. Effort is made to verify and document all information. See specific notes and records on the individual person page for documentation.

Descendants of John Pack are invited to register to receive the John Pack Family Newsletter and to access research notes and the names of living persons in the database.

Feature Articles

feature 1 John Pack Family History Research

The John Pack Family Association maintains (1) an ongoing family history and genealogical database on this site where you now are, and (2) a library of genealogical research history, research records, and research discussion on our Google Drive site. To log into the Google Drive library, copy the following URL address and paste it into you browser's URL address line: . The library is indexed, and many items, including the research history, are to a great extent searchable.

The John Pack Family Association has an ongoing Genealogical Research Committee. We invite you to contact the committee with questions, suggestions, and comments. Help is needed in updating source citations in the database and in specific research projects (contact Kathleen Skinner).

Genealogist and Genealogy Chairman:  Kathleen Skinner    

Committee Members:   
David R Pack 
Jen Culle
Shelley Pack 
Gary Pack, DNA Project   

Current Officers:  
Gary  Pack   JPFA President (Ives) 
Kathleen Skinner   JPFA Genealogist (Ives)
Brad Pack  JPFA webmaster  (Boothe & Ives) 
Margie Grider Facebook webmaster (Mosher) 
David R Pack  JPFA research library administrator  (Ives)
Laura Dieckmann IVES VP 
Karen Hepworth STIRLING VP

feature 2

The Pack Name
English (Kentish): from a medieval personal name, Pack, possibly a survival of the Old English personal name Pacca, although this is found only as a place name element and appears to have died out fairly early on in the Old English period. The Middle English personal name is more likely to be a derivative of the Latin Christian name Paschalis (see Pascal) [or] Jewish (Ashkenazic): metonymic occupational name for a wholesale trader, from German Pack ‘package’ (see Packer).Anglicized form of Dutch Pak. .

feature 3 Former Officers and Committee Members Former Officers:                  

Andi Zorn, JPFA President:  
April Winkleman, JPFA Vice President  
Lucy Dahl,  VP
Ernalee  Jones,  VP
Alison Pack, VP 
Linda Westover, JPFA Sec

feature 4 Former Committee Members Former Committee Members:                    

Mark Gardner 
Karen Allred  
Donna McEvoy
Shem Hurd
Linda Westover

Contact Us

email imageIf you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.