Constitution and By-Laws of The John Pack Family Association



The name of this organization shall be “THE JOHN PACK FAMILY ASSOCIATION”.


The object of this organization shall be to perpetuate the memory and genealogy of the descendents and forefathers of John Pack by cementing ties of fellowship and kinship between living members of his family and to maintain family unity by frequent association in a social way; by compiling acceptable family records of his descendants and ancestors; by unifying all historical, biographical and genealogical research attendant to the compiling of an acceptable family record; by doing all necessary temple ordinances in behalf of his dead relatives, and by pooling the resources and efforts of the members of his family so that the history and genealogy of his ancestors and descendants may be passed on to all later descendants for their information and instruction.


This Association shall be composed of the descendants of John Pack and the husband or wife of any of these descendants. All relatives shall be invited to become members by complying with the rules of membership as stated herein. Persons under sixteen years of age shall be registered as Junior Members. Junior Members are not permitted to vote or to hold office, and they are exempt from the payment of any dues. Any and all persons who are eligible may become members of this association by complying with the following rules:

By presenting a request for membership to one of the secretaries of the Association.

By payment of the annual dues, which shall be paid on or before June 30 or on the day
of the annual meeting or reunion.

3, It is expected that all members of the Association will supply the following items: (a) a
pedigree chart showing his or her lineage from John Pack (1809-1885), (b) a family group
sheet of the applicant’s family, properly made out, (c) a brief sketch of the main events of
the applicant’s personal family history.


There shall be an annual meeting for the election of officers, and such other meetings or reunions as may be called by the Executive Committee, or at the request of the members of the Association, However, failure to hold such meetings or elections shall not disorganize this Association. These meetings may be supplemented by such other business and activities as may be determined by the Executive Committee to assist in the furtherance of the objectives of the Association, Time and place to hold the annual meeting shall be determined by a majority vote of the members of the Association present at the preceding annual meeting.


The officers of this Association shall be: A President, six Vice-Presidents, a General Secretary, a General Treasurer, a Historian, a Genealogist, a Temple Chairman and a Program Chairman. The offices of Secretary and Treasurer may be combined and vested in one person at any given election if desired by a majority of the members present. In such case the Secretarial Committee and the Finance Committee hereinafter provided, shall be combined. The above named officers constitute the Executive Committee, and it shall be their duty as a committee to represent the Association to carry out its resolution, to recommend time and place for the annual meeting, to determine the order of business of the same, to fill official vacancies and to perform such other work as may be delegated to them by the Association. The aforesaid officers shall perform such duties as by common usage pertain to such position, and as may be provided in the By-Laws. The term of office for all officers shall begin at the close of the business session at which they are elected and end at the close of the session at which their successors are elected. All officers, on nomination, may be eligible for re-election.


The members of this Association shall elect all standing committees, which include: a Historical Committee, a Genealogical Committee, a Secretarial Committee, a Finance Committee and a Program Committee. Each of these committees should consist of at least one descendant of each wife of John Pack if such can be found to serve, and as many assistants as may be necessary.


There shall be a nominating committee appointed by the President and General Secretary, whose duty it shall be to seek out those most capable and willing to serve in the respective offices and standing committees of this Association, and to present their names for consideration by the members prior to elections. Nominations shall not be limited to those whose names are suggested by the Nominating Committee, but any members may nominate persons for consideration by the voting members.


All books, histories, research data, family records, etc. collected by the Association, by voluntary donations or through the disbursement of its funds, are to be and remain the property of THE JOHN PACK FAMILY ASSOCIATION and are not to become the property of any officer, committeeman, or individual, The Association shall solicit the donation of books, diaries, documents, pictures, etc. or the loan thereof for the purpose of copying, to the end the any and all may profit thereby, Any officer or committeeman having such things in his care shall, at the close of his term of office, deliver all such property to his or her successor.


The Articles and subsequent amendments to the Constitution of this Association may be amended at any annual meeting or at a special meeting called for that purpose, provided that three-fourths of the members eligible to vote are present in person or by proxy at said meeting, and provided that thirty days notice of intention to amend has been given.


Upon the winding up and dissolution of this Association) after paying or adequately providing for the debts and obligations of the Association, the remaining assets shall be distributed to a non—profit fund, foundation or corporation which is organized and operated exclusively for charitable, educational, or religious and/or scientific purposes and which has established its tax-exempt status under Sections 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


No part of the net earnings of this Association shall ever inure to or for the benefit of or be distributable to its members, trustees, officers or other private persons, except that the Association shall be empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered and to make payments and distributions in furtherance of the exempt purposes for which it was formed.


Notwithstanding any other provisions of these Articles, the Association shall not carry on any other activities not permitted to be carried on by a corporation exempt from federal income tax under Section 501 Cc) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954.


SECTION 1 – All matters brought before the Executive Committee as authorized in the Constitution of this Association shall be determined by a majority vote of the members of said committee, and in case of a tie vote, the presiding officer shall have the determining vote.

SECTION 2 – It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of this Association and of the Executive Committee and exercise a general supervision over this Association. It shall be his duty to call special meetings of the Executive Committee for the purpose of carrying on the work of the Association during the period between Annual Meetings, He shall submit to the Association at its Annual Meeting a report of all the official acts of the Executive Committee, together with such other information and recommendations as he may deem of importance. He shall appoint all temporary committees, and be ex-officio member of all committees.

SECTION 3 — It shall be the duty of the Vice—Presidents to assist and counsel the President in all matters pertaining to the activities of the Association, It shall be their duty to act in his stead in the order of precedence if the President is for any reason unable or unwilling to preside. Precedence shall be determined first by seniority in office, and second by the order in which the particular wife represented was married to John Pack, If the President should die or resign, the Vice-Presidents shall call a meeting of the Executive Committee for the purpose of filling the vacancy, The Vice—Presidents are to be selected, one from among the descendants of each of the wives of John Pack if such can be found to serve.

SECTION 4 — It shall be the duty of the General Secretary to act as the chairman of the Secretarial Committee, to record and keep an accurate record of the minutes and proceedings of all the meetings of the Association and of the Executive Committee, He shall, in cooperation with the Secretarial Committee, keep a complete register of the members of this Association together with their places of residence, and shall send out notices in advance of all meetings He shall perform such other secretarial duties as the Association or the Executive Committee may direct,

SECTION 5 – It shall be the duty of the General Treasurer to act as chairman of the Finance Committee and to be responsible, in cooperation with the members of that committee, to receive and keep an accurate account of all dues, contributions and other monies received by and in behalf of the Association, All expenditures and disbursements for and in behalf of the Association shall be through the General Treasurer and upon the written order of the President or the Executive Committee.

SECTION 6 — It shall be the duty of the Historian to act as chairman of the Historical Committee and in cooperation with its members to compile the biographical record, family history, personal record sheets and family group records representing all the family units in the John Pack Family. An effort should be made to prepare life sketches of the progenitors also.

SECTION 7 – It shall be the duty of the Genealogist to act as chairman of the Genealogical Committee, and in cooperation with its members to compile a complete and accurate genealogical record, so far as it is possible, of all the ancestors of John Pack.. It shall be his duty to direct all the research necessary to make this compilation, and to prepare and make ready names of the family ancestors for Temple work.

SECTION 8 – It shall be the duty of. the Temple Chairman to encourage, stimulate and promote attendance at the Temples by members of this Association, to be informed as to the activity in Temple work and report to the Executive Committee, and to submit to the Association at its Annual Meeting, a summary of work accomplished.

SECTION 9 – It shall be the duty of the Program Chairman and his committee to arrange programs for all family socials and entertainments, to work out details for family reunions and program details for the Annual Meetings, and to act as a reception committee at all such gatherings.

SECTION 10 – Each committee chairman should prepare a report of the activities of his committee to be submitted to the Association at its Annual Meeting.

SECTION 11 – The annual dues of this Association shall be $1.00 and shall be payable on or before June 30 each year or at the Annual Meeting each year. Additional contributions will be welcomed according to the needs of the Association. The amounts of these contributions shall be in accordance with the contributor’s own volition and financial ability to assist. Of all monies received from a contributor, the first $1.00 will be set aside as his or her annual dues for that year. The balance of such money will also go to the general fund of the Association to be administered and expended by the Executive Committee as deemed advisable, unless such money is ear-marked for a certain project, in which case the Executive Committee will try faithfully to carry out the wishes of the contributor, provided that the contributor shall at the time of making the contribution, state for what purpose it is to be used.

SECTION 12 – The By-Laws of THE JOHN PACK FAMILY ASSOCIATION may be amended, altered or added to by a majority vote of the members voting at any Annual

*As amended 19 November 1974.


Be it resolved: That each of the heads of a standing committee shall seek members to fill out their committee in cooperation with the vice-president concerned, that the members so selected, upon the ratification of the president shall be deemed duly elected, and so recorded by the secretary.

Be it further resolved: That by this similar process the president is empowered with the concurrence of the Executive Committee, to fill any vacancies which do or may occur in the Executive Committee.

**As adopted at November 1998 Executive Committee Meeting.

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