May 262016

Dear Pack Family,

One of my biggest pet peeves is people who have genealogy documents: photos, histories, recordings, etc and so on and don’t share them with others. So here are all the documents that I know exist about John Pack that I have collected.
In my next post I will post all of the other documents I know about for the wives of John Pack and his children.
Also look for all of the photos I know of, gps locations for homes and graves, and links to our genealogy on in future posts – those will all be a bit of work 😉
If you know of any other documents that you are willing to share, please email them, if possible to [email protected] or email me for a mailing address that you could mail a copy to. Love to see the cool stuff you have and I will be glad to credit you and any other sources you wish!
Thank You,
Brad Pack
All of the following are .pdf files and you will need a reader to view them and print them. Here’s a link if you do not have a .pdf reader
John Pack Documents
[download id=”1191″]Places you can visit in the Salt Lake City, UT area associated with John Pack, 2 pgs
[download id=”1189″]John Pack and Mary Jane Walker by Veldon R. Hodgson, 22 pgs
[download id=”1194″]John Pack by Inez Whiting Bush, 2 pgs
[download id=”1174″]Four brief histories by Veldon R. Hodgson, 9 pgs
John Pack Journal Transcript – original photos of the journal are here:  XX pages
John Pack Journal Transcript, Gallery of XX photos of his actual journal in his handwriting.
Frederick G Pack – History of John Pack, XX pages
other John Pack History docs, XX pages

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