2018 Reunion News

We are excited to see a bunch of family at the reunion on Saturday!

Just so all is clear, we will be having LUNCHES available at the John Pack House for $8.00 each. We have ordered extra lunches so those of you who have not yet paid can pay us there at the Park and get a great dutch-oven lunch! Make sure you sign up for lunch when you register at the House since it still will be first-come-first-serve! When they are gone they are gone!

Also, please feel free to bring a PIE to share! If you bake the pie yourself, there will be a panel of judges (celebrities of course!) that will judge the pies and a there will be a $25 Amazon gift card for the best pie!  If you do not want to bake a pie, just buy one and bring it to share!  We will have ice cream to add to make it a complete dessert!    🙂

Some of you have seen that we are doing a contest for who can bring the most email sign-ups to the website. We will be giving Amazon Gift Cards for this contest. You should also know that we will be giving out Amazon Gift Cards to some random family members that will be at the reunion also! For instance, who has traveled the furthest to be at the reunion!  It will be fun!

We will have both the “Redoubtable” and the “John Pack From The Records” books available for purchase at the reunion! Come get copies for your family members who need a wonderful Birthday or Christmas present later this year!

We love our John Pack Family Reunion and look forward to seeing many of you Saturday morning!

Gary – JPFA President

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