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I haven't been able to get a link

for you, but here is some information I found in when looking

for some documentation for Lucy Jane Giles:

Kamas, Summit County, Utah, 1870 US Census



Joseph Pack, farmer w/property valued at

$1750, head of household, 62 yrs,, born New Brunswick, wife Ruth, 48, born

Canada, and children Catherine, Eli, Oliver, Urania, Wilhelmina, Joseph,

Margaret, Beldon and Isabella, all born in Utah and ranging from  1 month to 17

years of age.  Also in household 

Leonora Pack, aged 22, born in England,

helping keep house. 

One version of this entry has "= Lucy" added

to the name of Leonora. That fits the surname and age and place, but not the

first name and a baby called Ida should have been listed, had this referred to

Lucy. Lucy would indeed have been married by this time and be just about to turn

22, but baby Ida would have been with her, surely..



far I have not been able to find any other records showing members of this

family.  It occurred to me, looking at John Pack's listed siblings, that Joseph

Sr. could fit nicely between our John and his sister Mary--but of course John

should have known about this sibling who survived well into adulthood and he did

not mention Joseph (see Book).   Interesting New Brunswick/Kamas