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Oliver Castle, Peebles-Shire, Scotland


Tree: John Pack Ancestors
Latitude: 55.671162, Longitude: -3.211190


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 FRASER, Gilbert Knight  Abt 1195Oliver Castle, Peebles-Shire, Scotland I4397 John Pack Ancestors 
2 FRASER, Mrs-Gilbert  Abt 1206Oliver Castle, Peebles-Shire, Scotland I4398 John Pack Ancestors 
3 FRASER, Nessius  Abt 1170Oliver Castle, Peebles-Shire, Scotland I5742 John Pack Ancestors 
4 FRASER, Oliver  Abt 1129Oliver Castle, Peebles-Shire, Scotland I6511 John Pack Ancestors 
5 FRASER, Simon  Abt 1226Oliver Castle, Peebles-Shire, Scotland I4399 John Pack Ancestors