New John Pack Writings Found

New John Pack Writings Found

In the September 1851 issue of “L’Etoile du Deseret” (The Deseret Star), the informative magazine published by John Taylor during the time that he and John Pack were in northern France founding a mission, there was an account of a joyous excursion on July 24th, 1851, on the Isle of Jersey, with John as president of a group of Saints, to celebrate the fourth anniversary of the entry of the Pioneers into the Salt Lake Valley. John gives an impressive address, of which the following is an excerpt (translated from the French):

“I am happy to be here amongst you, under such favorable circumstances, to celebrate with solemn ceremony the day when the Pioneers, of whom I am one, entered the valley, today the place where the Saints of God Most High live in peace. Already seven years have passed since the martyrdom of the Prophet of the Lord, since the earth drank the blood of this just and sainted man, he whose heart, filled with love for humanity, did not abandon his friends even at the moment of death, thus giving himself in sacrifice for his brethren. . . . I give thanks to God for having given me the privilege of living in these times, for having permitted me to see this day, after [many miles] of journeying with my brethren, who, like me, had left their families, their homes, to come and declare the Gospel of Christ. . . . I thank God for permitting me to see his Kingdom progress among the nations; for many prophets and patriarchs have desired to see such things, but have died without doing so.”

You will be able to read the entire speech in the new biography of John Pack when it is published. Completion of this major work is still in hand; we look forward to being able to report a publication date in a future issue of the Newsletter.

~Alison Pack, JPFA Treasurer and VP-Lucy Giles

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